Successful Searches - It Can Be Done

I have been asked to publish a list of successful searches. I will add them as I hear of them. Some of them are mine and some are on the yahoogroup the registry.
July 2010
1) Kellee m. Pittsburgh Pa found w/ search angel

2) Mother and siblings found and reunited by DianeHH, Washington State (1 week search)

3) Bill McLean NC - Found with Angel Emily (Lamplady
August 2010
1) fe.07/24/1992 Nebraska search- DianeHH found mom for her.  08/07/2010

2) Wa.b/mom searching. DianeHH- found 08/07/2010 (2 week search)
3) Amy Wear-Bittner found b/mom.  - With Diane HH help. 08/09/2010 (1 year search with search angel 
(many years on her own)

4) Found father and sibling..... With Pricilla assistant 08/09/2010
5) 09/13/1942 Illinois OBC found with Priscilla help. 08/14/2010
6) 4/11/1973 Mo. Found family and mom - With Diane HH. 08/14/2010
Diane's Personal Finds 2010

Stephanie 6/3/76 bmother born in TX (3 week search)
Found daughter in Green Bay for Michigan lady (2hour search)
Heidi – brother born in MI 3/28/58, sister born in MI (multi-month search mutual search)
Candi 7/30/54 TX birth mother living in SC (2 month search, then went to court to open records)
Jenni 1/10/68 OK birth mother of husband living in OK – found on ancestry tree.
Maryann 6/17/65 Santa Barbara CA looking for older sister. Found
Shirley 1/5/70 Orange County  birth mother looking for daughter Daughter found living in UT 1 ½ from her
Danny in TX, 6/2/70 bmother found in MO (Found 2 weeks)
Danny in TX 6/2/70 bfather found in MO (Found 2 weeks)
Melinda in MO3/6/67 bmother found in MO (mutual search 1 year)
Melinda in MO 3/6/67 bfather found in CA, deceased (mutual search 1 year)
Gary 3 siblings in South Bend IN (mutual search)
Brandon-Bonnie-Sandra 1 female sibling in LA 1/27/50 (1 week search)
William Sister #5 (mutual search with large family, media attention found sister #5)
Ryan bfather 12/5/71 OR (1 day search)
Ryan bmother 12/5/71 OK (1 week search)
Amy bmother 4/1973 (Mutual search 1 year search)
Alaina Bmother 9/17/1992 Nebraska (1 week search)
bdaughter 1976 WA (2 week search)
Bmother found MO (less than week)


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