A Successful Search Still in Progress - The "Williams" Family

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Here are 4 of the 5 Williams sisters, #5 is yet to be found and they will not stop looking until they are all together. One sister born in 2/21/1957, location unknown, is still to be found.

There had been 6 siblings. One brother, Robert Lee Williams died in 1954 in New Mexico. The reunited siblings are: Roberta "Ann" born 1/27/1950 in Odessa TX, Bonnie Sue born in 1951 in Espanola NM, Betty Marie born 1953 in Oklahoma City, Ella Louise, now "Sandra" born in Denver CO in 1956. The parents were Evelyn Louise Johnson (maiden name) Williams born 3/16/1920 in Lafayette Louisiana and Robert Williams born 10/13/1915 in Coushatta, Red River Parish, Louisiana.

Betty talks about the search for her sisters:
I remember several things of our lives together and the other girls remember even more. All I know is that I was crushed when they took my sisters away from me. As I remember it, I was the last to go.
I have been looking since I could start looking- 18 years old. I never knew what direction to go until a friend told me how to get my non-identifying info. I wrote for it and when it arrived, I picked it up at the postoffice and sat there in the parking lot and read every word. I was stunned, amazed, happy, sad and finally surprised- I was told that our mom and dad visited us several times and that mom came one last tima alone. I found out then that I had two sisters we never knew. I bought a program to help search, Big Hugs" and it told me when and where to write for more info. I wrote every letter they suggested and hit brick walls time after time. My Aunt Polly was a Godsend. She is the family researcher who got me to where I am today. She found census reports and listings that helped me get here.
Roberta, Bonnie and Betty

In 2004, while taking a Sunday drive, my husband and I started talking about this listing he had seen on Ebay where a lady was selling Hershey Kisses to help earn money for nursing school. He and I looked at each other and said, "we can do that". I wrote our story up and listed it along with our story for $4.95. I had to add an item to include so at first I added Christmas stockings, then on the next listing I added Valentine suckers. I didn't get any good leads but met a lot of people who wanted to help me. I still have most of their emails and I try to keep them up on our search. In December, Lunzeta Chretien- Monroe NewsStar called for an interview and from her story, I found Bonnie.

In 2007 Brandon (Sandra's son) responded to an adoption registry listing. Aunt Polly had put her email address on this listing so she sent it to me. I replied and the rest is a thousand pages of emails and many tears, Sandra (Ella Louise) was connected to us. We met on December 1, 2007.

I am thankful every day that God gave me my sisters back., Roberta was found by Brandon and Search Angel Diane in May 2010 and maybe even another- the youngest. None of them has ever seen the youngest.

A local TV stationed featured their search - http://www.knoe.com/global/story.asp?s=12566288  check it out.

Someone, somewhere knows something. We have found no trace of Evelyn. If any one can help please post a comment to that effect.


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