DNAadoption Classes Turn 2 Years Old

>> Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In July of 2013, Karin Corbeil and I got the idea that there was such a huge demand for our assistance in searches, we would never be able to help everyone who needs it. Along with Rob Warthen, we had formed a Yahoo Group called DNAadoption and were determined to find a way to help people who were getting their DNA results to be able to use them in searches for family members.

A few months earlier, Gaye Tannenbaum had suggested the principles of triangulation to facilitate these searches. The concept being that people who have overlapping DNA segments and who are also ICW with each other (blood related) should share Common Ancestors. This meant that by taking these individuals and expanding their trees sufficiently, one should find these Common Ancestors. This becomes TRIangulation with the addition of the key person in the search. That  person is related through blood (ICW) to everyone they match and also has overlapping DNA segments with each of the matches.

Diane went on to document a search using these principles and create what we call the Methodology which can be found on http://dnaadoption.com. Karin Corbeil has provided a great deal of direction to the Methodology as well.

The classes have been based on this methodology. However, earlier this year, we were re-thinking the curriculum. We now have some new classes that are not based on the methodology. In addition, seeing the questions that were being asked in our classes, we decided that we had enough experience to adapt our teaching methods. We changed to a more practical approach.

We have now taught our classes to over 1000 students. As far as we know we were the first people to offer these Autosomal DNA classes. There are now a few others offering them as well. We can offer proof that our methods work. Just the last couple of days we had 5 finds of family members among the DNAadoption folk.

In addition, our classes which were first formed for Adoptees, are now being enrolled in at the rate of about half adoptees and half genealogists. We find it so rewarding to have students come into classes, totally confused by the results of their search, but leaving in the midst of an active search.

So I am posting our class list here. All classes are online classes with access to experts who answer your questions in a class forum. You can do the classes at your own pace.

Just For Beginners - This class is designed to give you information about : Working with Yahoo Groups Mailing Lists, getting your non-id (for adoptees), the basics of DNA, DNA tests, transferring your data, building a tree, internet resources, basic tools, FTDNA, spreadsheet basics, and Messaging Your Matches. If you are either an adoptee or new to DNA and genealogy, and you do not know about Non-Ids, building trees and think we are all speaking a foreign language this class is for you.

First Look - Intro to Results classesThe First Look classes are designed to help people get started using and understanding their Autosomal DNA results with a specific vendor. This is a basic, entry level course.
This one-day course covers how to introduce yourself to matches, how to share match lists, how to link a family tree and much more. A forum is available for students to ask questions and make suggestions.
  • Ancestry DNA First Look
  •  FTDNA First Look
  • 23andme First Look
  • Gedmatch First Look
Y-DNA Classes - learn the basics of Y-DNA and how to apply it to your results.

Basic Autosomal DNA - All of the basics of DNA that you need to interpret your results. The class was changed from a theoretical style to one involving you as the student in learning how the experts solve a case. To take this class, it is suggested that you have tested at least at FTDNA and preferrably with all 3 vendors.

Advanced Autosomal DNA - Some people want to continue beyond the how to the why and this course is designed to do this. People will be working with combined results as well as a more difficult case that you will work yourself with some guidance from our team.

To sign up go to the bottom of this page: http://dnaadoption.com/index.php?page=online-classes
There are now a few other classes around. Do take advantage of training that is available. It can make your search a lot easier.


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